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what is this ? the proof
Unsuspecting sitting in front of your computer early in the morning, barely awake, taking the first sip of your coffee, you fire up the browser. In a few seconds it is up and running ready for the challenges of the day. Methodically going through your bookmarks, finally, selecting your morning report Tableau dashboard. Your browser instantly jumping into action, loads the webpage and the viz container. Tableau, too repsonds instantly - with a bunch of little dots chasing each other in a circle - "the circle of death" ! Yes, you are sitting there and waiting, waiting, and wondering - what could be going on on that Tableau server that takes so long? Is it even the Tableau server ? Wishing at least something would show at least, not wasting your time, your clients time and over all the resources of the company.

That is exactly what we were facing many times: we just could not put our finger on how long we really have to wait for the dashboard. Until one day, we decided that it is time to put thing into perspective: and the Tableau div timer was born. The simplest tools sometime give give you the best perspectives. In this case it is only a matter of pasting the Tableau dashboard URL into the test page and it fires up a request for the dashboard and a timer. In fact we can test outside dashboards - like on Tableau public to benchmark the performance of our Tableau server, our data and our network. Enjoy this free tool !

While you are visiting that free URL tableau viz timer, take a peek around the www.vizthegrid.com website. There are multiple Tableau realated goodies around to be discovered.

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