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Inventory Analysis / Forecasting Sotware
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Inventory Entry
Begin to or to For period inventory is: units
Sum of inventory is: unitsAverage inventory is: units
with Netscape Two Demo Problems

Inventory Forecasting
Two Period Moving Average Regression Analysis
Forecast for period should be

The Correlation coefficient is:

Inventory Order Systems
EOQ ( Economic Order Quantity )
Order cost / order
Annual holding
cost / unit
Purchase price / unit

Your order
should be
Average order
interval is
periods, with
orders a year.
Annual total
cost per year is
EOQ with stockout instituted
Lead time is days
Stockout cost / unit / year

Order should be

Reorder point is at
unit level.
Maximum inventory
level will be
Total annual cost is:

Longest delay time
customer will have
to wait is:
EOQ with incremental quantity discounts
Enter order quantities and their cost:
From 0 to .. units, price is:
over that to units, price is:
over that to units, price is:
more than .. units, price is:
Optimum lot size is units
at the price of
with the least annual cost of
Silver-Meal Algorithm
Price /unit
Order Cost
Holding Cost /unit/year

Your holding cost in the Incremental Quantity Discount example was calculated as (purchase price / holding cost). If this percentage does not reflect your holding expenses, readjust your purchase price or your annual holding cost per unit.

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