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Inventory Analysis / Forecasting Palm OS Version
Leltar is an inventory and material management analysis tool. This application uses various forecasting methods to calculate optimal inventory level, order point, minimal annual total cost and much more.

The programs comes with a printable manual briefly explaining the use of each algorithm, noting issues to look out for, and definitelly pointing out the pitfalls of each.

The idea in this application is to get the most punch out of the smallest amount of space. On top of that, the ease of use is another hallmark of this application. Finally, priced at an affordable value.

To use this application, the user provides data in a Memo Pad file format that Leltar reads in. The user may store hundreds of Memo files on the Palm, thus providing the flexibility to analyze multiple products, and even multiple periods.

Leltar for the PalmOS currently includes and functions with the following data tests and algorithms:
  • 2 period moving average forecast with absolute deviation
  • arithmetic moving average forecast with aboslute deviation
  • regression analysis with correlation coefficient and standard deviation
  • data and regression line graph
  • exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) forecast
  • EWMA forecast with trend correction
  • EWMA with trend and season correction
  • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • EOQ with known lead time and stockouts allowed
    • calculates EOQ
    • reorder point
    • number of orders/year
    • average order interval
    • longest delay betweend orders
    • max inventory levels
    • total annual inventory cost
  • EQO with incremental quantity discounts
  • EOQ with special sale price
    • optimal lot size
    • cost savings
  • EOQ with known price increase
    • optimal lot size
    • cost savings to order before cost increase
  • Economic Production Quantity (EPQ)
  • Economic Order Interval (EOI)
  • Wagner-Whitin algorithm
  • Silver-Meal algorithm
  • Part-Period algorithm

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