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business intelligence consulting archived programs
  • Business intelligence applications engineering
  • Data visualization and actionable insights programming
  • Database sharding, warehousing and clustering
  • Distributed parallel processed columnar store/cluster implementation
  • ETL, ELT and data flow automation programming
    Oracle              Perl               Unix / Linux / BSD
    MS SQL Server       PHP                Server Administration
    MySQL               VB VBA             Access
    Informix            ASP                Excel
    Sybase              Javascript         Microsoft
    dBase               HTML, CSS, XML     SSH
    Teradata            DB Cluster         Crate DB Cluster
    HBase               SQLite             Raspberry Pi
    JSON                Tableau

  • Inventory and material management optimization
  • Operations workflow and performance optimization
    reorder point         holding costs    EOQ             Just-in-time
    inventory turnover    variable costs   Wagner-Whitin   Quantity discounts
    optimal inventory     stockout costs   Silver-Meal     Seasonal demand
    optimal order         supply delays    Part period     Weighted Moving Average

  TinkerShop writes custom inventory optimization applications
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  TinkerShop installs inventory optimization software
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