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Peter Tapolyai - business intelligence consulting archived programs
  • Business intelligence applications engineering
  • Data visualization and actionable insights programming
  • Metrics, analysis and interpretation reporting
  • Data warehousing development and database clustering
  • Database design, implementation and optimization
  • ETL, ELT and data flow automation programming
    Oracle              Perl               Unix / Linux / BSD
    MS SQL Server       PHP                Server Administration
    MySQL               VB VBA             Access
    Informix            ASP                Excel
    Sybase              Javascript         Microsoft
    dBase               HTML, CSS, XML     SSH
    Teradata            Raspberry Pi Cluster

  • Inventory and material management optimization
  • Operations workflow and performance optimization
    reorder point         holding costs    EOQ             Just-in-time
    inventory turnover    variable costs   Wagner-Whitin   Quantity discounts
    optimal inventory     stockout costs   Silver-Meal     Seasonal demand
    optimal order         supply delays    Part period     Weighted Moving Average

  TinkerShop writes custom inventory optimization applications
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  TinkerShop installs inventory optimization software
                  e-mail:   tapolyaip ::@:: tinkershop.net
                  Tel:      (216) 469-8643